Coral Lotto

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Which Lotteries Can You Play?

Coral UK now offer lotto options from a number of different countries not just the UK National Lottery and 49's these include

Singapore, Hong Kong, Spain, Ireland, Australia, Germany, France, Canada, USA and The Euro Lottery.

They have a great little section on the lotto homepage showing you the upcoming lotto's that are due to

start with the country of origin and upcoming time of the lotto.

The lotto game card itself is a far cry from having to fill out your own down at the local shop and you can put a ticket on in

less than 30 seconds with options for multiple draws and combination bets.

 Lotto Game Card - Coral

 Lotto Game Card - Coral

Lotto Best Offers - Coral

Lotto Best Offers - CoralLotto Best Offers - Coral

  Lotto Schedule - Coral

Lotto Schedule - Coral

Where Can I Find Past Lottery Results?

Coral have included a complete results section on for all lotteries covered and it's simple to use. Just look in the drop down

menu for your desired countries lotto results and input the date of the draw.