Totesport Review

Totesport Review

Totesport or 'The Tote' as we all know them by have two bows to their arsenal as they also have a stand-alone sportsbook to rival the other online betting sites in the UK. Totesport are Synonymous with horse racing and some of their products can win you big from only small stakes.

You will all know the tote through your local high-street bookmaker with their range of bets including the placepot, jackpot and scoop6. The Tote pool works much like a lottery. All of the money staked goes into a pool which is then shared out amongst the winners. So the payout (or dividend) depends on how many people pick the winner. The sportsbook and fixed odds website is just as good as most and is well worth a look. They have now started to try to claw back the gap they left in the market and are offering good products and have a few great competitions to get your teeth into.

Refer A Friend - For every friend you refer Tote Sport will credit you with £10

Totesport Website

Totesport's software and design is right on the money, they have an up to date pool guide and the sportsbook is quick and responsive. The form guide is linked into the racing pages and is courtesy of The Racing Post with track maps and great features it's one of the best on the market. The layout is a simple one but everything is at your fingertips and due to the nature of their bets they have a great how to guide for each of their products on the homepage.

The main menu is down the left hand side with the top menu being used for their other products like their games and casino sites. The centre console is pretty straight forward too with the next races shown along with news articles at the top in banner format. The results section is also on the front page making it easy to see all the day's cards and results.

Totesport Mobile App

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Totesport is one of the few betting sites in the UK to offer free competitions for their account holders along with daily and weekly specials.

Ten To Follow - Pick your 10 horses and accumulate points for wins in the competition period plus win 6 monthly prizes of £5,000 - Cost £10 for an online entry. The main prize is 70% of the total prize pool and all the entry money goes back into the pot. 

Fantasy Football - Traditional fantasy football games span a whole season. Their game differs as each set of fixtures brings a new competition - meaning you have a new chance to win big each week. Tote Sport also accommodate those who enjoy a season-long competition, each time you enter a team in a Global weekly pool your team will automatically receive FREE entry into the corresponding seasonal pool.

Feature Products

Totesport offer wide variety of betting incentives some of which are listed below:

Best Odds Guaranteed - Take a price and if the tote or SP pays bigger they will pay out on the highest dividend.

Scoop6 - Pick the winner of all 6 races! The tote scoop6 is a tote pool bet which runs each Saturday on six selected races, usually ones that are being shown live on Channel 4. The aim is to pick the winner of all six races. The totescoop6 pool is split into three separate funds – the win fund, the bonus fund and the place fund. To win your share of the win fund, you’ll need to pick the winner of all six totescoop6 races. If all six of your horses are placed (see toteplace section for explanation), you’ll win your share of the place fund. All win fund winners can register to play for the bonus fund the following week. To win a share of the bonus fund, you’ll need to pick the winner of the nominated bonus race as selected by tote pool.

Jackpot - Every race meeting with 6 or more races holds a jackpot. Pick the winner of the FIRST six races to be a winner. Multiple selections are allowed this is called perming your bet. The jackpot can pay huge dividends if the favourites fail.

Placepot - Pick a placed horse in the first 6 races! The tote placepot is a tote pool bet on the first six races at a race meeting. It is available on every meeting, every day and is one of racing’s favourite and most popular bets. To win the tote placepot you need to pick a placed horse in the first six races. Standard tote place rules apply (see toteplace section for explanation) and if there is no tote place pool operating due to a lack of runners, you will need to pick the winner of the race.